Sunday, September 5, 2021

End of Week 6

For our final zoom in Week 6, we brought something to share.

I shared my Christmas tree and the fact that on Saturday there would only be 16 weeks until Christmas!  Other items shared included toys, cars and a plant.

Thank you for coming to the zooms, it has been great catching up and I'm very proud of everything you have achieved during lockdown.  So far we have had zooms for reading, writing, spelling, oral language and maths.  Sometimes our zooms have been in small groups and sometimes almost half the class.

Who know what our lessons will look like in Week 7.

Hope you have had a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Happy Karearea Learners

We've nearly finished our week of zoom lessons - well done team!

Tomorrow we have a sharing session where you can dress up to share a picture, toy or pet from your home.  

It's Fun Friday!


Sunday, August 29, 2021


Great Zoom session today.

(Ma'ake had just nipped away during the photo!)

Today we looked at how to start our narratives, using description to create images for our audience.

We read some books to see how they start and then began writing our own introductions to let the audience know where our Wild Thing lives, what they look like and some things they like to do.  This will enable our audience to have a good understanding of our main character.

Next we will build up to some drama or problem for our character.  Some of the characters are lovely and kind, while the others are a little bit scary.  

As you can see I have made many changes to my draft narrative.  Each time I read it, I think how can I make it better?  Sometimes it is by adding a descriptive word or even adding a whole new sentence.  

Reading Challenge


Are you up to the challenge?

Have you got an awesome book that you can be photographed reading?

Grab that awesome book and get your photo entered before Monday 6 September.

Let's try to have the most class entries!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Day 8 of Home Learning

We have had zoom lessons in reading, writing and maths!

Many students are working on Studyladder and Sunshine Classics as well as completing the tasks in the hard packs.

Can't wait to post more of your writing for you own "Wild Things", remember you are aiming for over 12 sentences.  Check the previous blog - writing zoom lesson if you can't remember what to do.

Enjoy your weekend.  Snuggle up with a good book - maybe even make an indoor tent and read to all of your toys.  

Go Noodle

We all love doing GoNoodle in class and I am thinking you might need some exercise at your home as it is a bit drizzly today.  

Click the titles to go to GoNoodle.

Squatchy rock


Gather your family and have a dance party!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021


This is Ma'ake's "Wild Thing" and his piece of writing following our Zoom session today.  

Can you find the simile?  Can you say the descriptive language he has used?  Can you see how he has used a FANBOY to extend his sentences.

Check out the blog post titled "Writing Zoom Lesson" so you can complete your writing task too.